How much does Wealthy Affiliate Really Cost?

I have been working online full-time since 2013, which has given me the freedom to move up into the mountains on a beautiful farm with 600 acres. I can literally walk for a week and not see another person in the national park behind my house. For me, working online full-time has given me gifts I could never of imagine existed back when I was working in a windowless office in Sydney, such as peace of mind, time with my son and the freedom to finish work at noon if I get up early and do a solid day’s work. What would this kind of freedom do for you? It’s an incredibly motivating idea to ponder, I know from experience!

Let’s get the important numbers on paper at the top. Wealthy Affiliate costs $49 a month, plus you are offered a significant discount of 39% if you pay a yearly sum of $359 ($29.90 a month).

Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to escape the rat race, the daily grind, the 9-5. But like anything, if you want the best, you need to pay for it. Yes, there is ‘free’ education around the place, but typically you will have to sit through a strong sales pitch within the education where you are treated as a potential customer rather than a valued member of a community. I find these types of programs are also filled with a lot of hype, which can be dangerous as it is difficult to get a solid idea of what you are actually getting yourself into.

The Price of Wealthy Affiliate… Is it Worth it?

Getting Started with Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve always told people, making money online takes hard work, mastery of certain tasks, great ideas, and most importantly perseverance. It also takes a little bit of money to get started. Nothing compared to establishing a business offline, but say around $100 a month or so. Included in this budget is the monthly fee for Wealthy Affiliate, and then a bit left over to buy help when you need it, for example installing a premium WordPress theme or to design a new logo.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it very easy to dip your toe in the water with a free Starter Membership. By the time you finish level 1, you will actually have your own WordPress website setup and you will be well on your way to starting your own online business. It’s incredibly exciting to see a new website take shape and to get your first visitors.

Upgrading to Premium

The Free Starter Membership is a great way to ease into the Wealthy Affiliate program, but I found it wasn’t a place to stay for very long. I considered my first month to be a trial for the 12 months ahead, and so I wanted to get as much out of it as I could. Upgrading to Premium within 7 days for $19 unlocks all the features that the Premium Membership comes with:

If you are a little skeptical about getting started (like I was), it is reassuring to know that $19 is all you have to pay in your first month. There are no upgrades, cross promotions, fees or catches! If you decide Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the right fit for you at this stage in your life, you can simply cancel your membership and you walk away $19 poorer, a fantastic deal if you ask me. An incredibly high number of people choose to upgrade their starter membership, around 1 in 8, which shows the quality of education, support, and advice waiting for you on the other side. The education is the best available, but on top of that, you get a range of features including managed WordPress Hosting, 1 on 1 coaching, weekly webinars, a keyword research tool, and a great ambassadorship program that incentivizes experienced marketers to help you out as you get started. It’s an active and supportive community for those who really want to make it online full-time, away from all of the noise that buzzes around the internet.

Upgrading To Yearly Payments

The number 1 rule I have for myself is never, ever sign up for something that has to be paid by the month, so I was relieved to see Wealthy Affiliate had a yearly option.

Many years ago, I saw how dangerous monthly payments can be where I had dozens of small monthly fees flowing out of my business, all of which needed to be paid no matter how well I was performing on any given month. These monthly fees included things like MailChimp, Infusionsoft CRM, Instapage, Socket Quoting Software, Accounting Software, at least 6 WordPress Plugins, and on it went.

Because of this, I made the rule to never pay for something by the month unless it added a direct value to my business, saved me money or could be paid yearly with a discount. Naturally, these days I approach every subscription with caution, including Wealthy Affiliate.

Having completed my first month at the great price of $19, Wealthy Affiliate had completely earnt my trust, and so it was a no brainer to pay $359. This money gave me the breathing space to concentrate on building my business, plus an extra $20 a month in my $100 a month starter budget that I give every new website.

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A kick up the bum 😉

There was a time in my life when I worked for less than $5 an hour (after factoring in my expenses) in a windowless office on a busy road in a busy city. I was stressed, I hated wearing a tie, I drank too much, I was in debt, I felt like I had wasted 4 years of my life getting a pointless business degree, and worst of all I knew deep down I had no moral compass. In part, I blamed society at the time for telling me to work hard, climb the ladder, and then party hard on the weekends, but it wasn’t until I took full responsibility for my life that I was able to set a path towards redemption.

Fast forward 10 years or so and I’ve made it. It took a long time to dig myself out of the hole I had dug for myself, but I am now working online full-time. When it comes to people making money online, I am a part of the silent majority that has recognized that society is shifting towards online spending habits and that almost every business today needs a strong online presence. There are hundreds of online job titles and millions of opportunities if you decide to try affiliate marketing, but from my experience, I can tell you now it’s not the freedom you will value the most, it is the person you need to become.

Promoting yourself to be the CEO of your own online business can only be done once you are ready to be a leader. The peace of mind, the happiness, the opportunities that come with being able to work anywhere in the world, these are not things that fall out of the sky, they are rewards for the people who deserve it. Become a person who not only has the freedom to work anywhere in the world but who also has the strength of character to get up every morning and work hard, especially if your hotel room has a view out across a tropical beach.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program you can partner with to help you achieve your goals, and from $29.90 a month it fits nicely into a start budget of $100 a month.

I wish you all the very best on your journey, both online and offline.

Go claim the life you deserve.


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